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Christening 1 Collection

Christening 1 Album

Christening 1 Design Catalog

6 x 9 hoop owners can now stitch decorated christening gown and baby dress pieces, including the pattern cutting lines, In the Hoop!  Stitch collars, sleeves, yoke fronts and backs, complete with pattern lines and embellishments!  Choose one of the 6 complete gown themes included, or start with the blank pattern pieces and design your own.  Use your copy, paste, mirror and rotate functions to turn these 231 delicate designs into an infinite number of your own creations.  Many are included in both white on white and in colors, making them perfect for any delicate sewing project.  Small religious symbols are included.  The front and back yoke, collar and straight sleeve pattern pieces provided are for an average baby weighing 10-18 pounds.  If you need a slightly larger size, delete just the pattern piece from each file and stitch only the embellishment portion, then lay your own pattern over the embroidery and cut out in the traditional way.  For those of you who lovingly donate your time to hospitals by making tiny gowns for premature infants, I have included several embellished one-piece bodices ready to stitch, with matching skirt designs.  These could also be used for small dolls.  

See Design Catalog for exact design sizes.  With editing, most gowns can be stitched in a 5 x 7 hoop without the pattern lines.  Photos of each gown are included on the CD and in the Christening 1 Album on this website.  All major machine formats included.  

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