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Heirloom Cotton Laces

French cotton lace is the key component to most heirloom sewing projects.  Different lace patterns are mixed together for a beautiful texture between fancy strips of hand or machine embroideries.  Entredeux is used to give strength to the delicate pieces, generally referred to as "fancy bands".  Minimum order for all laces is 1 yard.
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1/2" Lace Beading


1/2" Lace Edging


1/2" Lace Insertion


1/2" Lace Insertion


1/2" Lace Insertion


1/4" Lace Edging


1/4" Lace Insertion


3/4" Insertion Lace


7/16" Lace Insertion


Swiss Entredeux White


Swiss Entredeux Ivory


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